Transforming the voices of innocent children in crisis
 situations from cries of despair to songs of joy and delight

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How Innocent Voices Helps

How does Innocent Voices help?

Innocent Voices financially supports, raises awareness of and intercedes for children in crisis. To financially support the work of partner organizations, Innocent Voices raises funds in three ways: through direct donations by caring people like you, through fundraisers such as annual benefit dinners and through garage sales. In addition, monthly meetings provide opportunities to keep abreast of developments around the world that put children in crisis situations and to support the work of partner organizations through intercession.

Who are the children in crisis?

Street Children:
An estimated 10 million children live on the streets because they have been abandoned by their parents, or because the streets are safer than their homes.

Sexually Exploited Children:
Nearly 2 million children, many of whom were sold by their parents, are trapped in the commercial sex industry.

AIDS Orphans:
About 25 million children whose parents have died of AIDS are either abandoned to care for themselves, or are barely cared for by elderly grandparents or extended family members.

Child Soldiers:
An estimated 300,000 children have been abducted to serve as soldiers in various wars and conflicts around the world.

Can I donate to a specific project?

Yes! Go to the “Projects” page for a complete description of current projects. The “Make a Donation” button will take you to the listing of projects and enable you to choose which project you would like to support.





“Let the little children
come to me, and do not
hinder them, for the
kingdom of heaven belongs
to such as these.”
Matthew 19:14